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AGENT 5 – Played by Cindy Lemos

An assassin on the path of vengeance.



CARLOS – Played by Julio Richburg

Agent 5’s most trusted ally. A retired assassin weapons specialist with a fleeting romantic past with Agent 5 .

Carlos lives a life of solitude in the wilderness. He is escaping his previous life and trying to come to terms with his true feelings towards Agent 5.


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TED LANAKI – Played by Tom Schroeder

Pharmaceutical Executive who will stop at nothing to suppress the information linking Blockbuster drug Lamapril to cancerous side effects.


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THE VOICE – played by Andrew Tribolini

The head of the freelance assassin clan called The Agency.

Contracted by Lycar Pharmaceutical executive Ted Lanaki to eliminate whistle blower  Dr. Frank Hill from going public with damning studies on the blockbuster drug Lamapril.


MARX – Played by Thurman Kellogg

A psychopath killer and indispensable Agency assassin. Specialty: Torture Techniques/Interrogation

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ZERO – Played by Roy Stanton

A true company man of the Agency. The most deadly assassin.


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DR. FRANK HILL – Played by Ron Davidson

The Whistleblower


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ANDY – Played by Ben Andrews

A once trusted ally of Agent 5. Andy reluctantly betrayed Agent 5 allowing Zero to plan an ambush. Andy was killed by the hands of Agent 5.



AGENT SMITH – Played by A.J. Tolliver

An ambitious Agency field agent charged with the capture of the fugitive Agent 5.


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AGENT CHO – Played by Rachel Delmar

After letting Agent 5 slip from her clutches, she is hell bent on finishing the job.


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AGENT CHOI – Played by Christy Choi

Field agent casualty who attempted to ensnare Agent 5.


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CARL – Played by Monte Hakola

The brother of Agent 5 and innocent casualty of war. Agent 5 is plagued by the thoughts that she could not protect her sibling from the vengeance of the Agency.