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Agent 5 was a trusted assassin for hire of the¬†clandestine outfit called the Agency. The Agency led by “The Voice” is contracted by corporations and the private sector to run cloak and dagger operations across the globe.

The Agency secured a contract with high ranking executive Ted Lanaki of Lycar Pharmaceutical to assassinate employee scientist and potential whistleblower Dr. Frank Hill. Agent 5 was immediately dispatched to kill doctor Hill and stop his damning studies of Lycar Pharma’s blockbuster drug Lamapril. The studies linked Lamapril to cancer and could financially topple Lycar under class action lawsuits and other potential fallout if this information was to ever see the light of day.

The Agency being vigilant, and understanding the severity of potential blow back, sent two additional agents to shadow Agent 5. Upon intercepting the doctor, Agent 5 learned about the doctor’s plans and the potential lives that he could save by going public. Agent 5, now fully understanding her role as a potential instrument in a murderous coverup to protect profits at the same time endangering innocent lives, made a choice.

A dangerous choice to thwart the mission and not fulfill her assigned obligation.

Due to this choice, Agent 5 experienced the wrath of the Agency’s retribution. They murdered her beloved brother and she now lives a life as a fugitive, forever looking over her shoulder.

Will Agent 5 continue to run?

Or will she avenge her brother, face the Agency, and take down the architects of one of the largest cover up schemes the world has ever known?

Stay tuned.

Agent 5: Redemption